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Tim May tcmay at
Mon Aug 25 01:22:43 PDT 1997

At 9:04 PM -0700 8/24/97, Anonymous wrote:
>Tim May wrote:
>> By the way, which list address are you now subscribed to...I switched from
>> algebra. com to, but now expect to see 2-3 hours delay before
>> posts appear.
>> (This applies to others, too. I'm getting replies to my posts, when sent
>> directly to me, literally hours before seeing it on the list. Someone
>> mentioned subscribing to, which, to tell the truth, I thought had
>> vanished as a list origination site months ago.)
>If you subscribe to cypherpunks-unedited at you will get almost
>immediate receipt of posts much of the day. is
>generally only a short time lag behind, although this varies (and you
>get duplicates of the posts).
>The advantage of is that it gives you feedback as to the
>time-lag of the distributed lists. The advantages of the distributed
>lists is that you can change among them if one is temporarily having

Ah, so when I send my messages to "cypherpunks at" they come back
more quickly from Somehow I doubt this.

I've been sending nearly all of my posts to either the or the addresses, and the address is set to expire, or so
John told us when he gave us a deadline for finding another site. I've
mentioned this a couple of times, and yet some of you seem to think the address is the preferred, fastest one.

Would some of the operators of the distributed lists comment on the time
delays, on the topology of the interlinked distributed list, and on what
role, if any, continues to play in the process? Igor, Lance, Jim,

Posts like this one from Anonymous, while perhaps accurate (or perhaps not,
I really don't know) are not as convincing as words straight from those

--Tim May

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