Are we 'Safe' yet?

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Sun Aug 24 21:40:45 PDT 1997

  Why does it always seem that when my supply of Prozac is dangerously
low, the people on the cypherpunks list who pay attention to what is
happening in the outside world decide to deluge the list with a variety
of posts reminding me how many reasons I have to be depressed about the
creeping tyranny and corresponding usurpment of human rights that is
threatening my right to the pursuit of drug-induced happiness?
  Even more depressing is the realization that I am a cloistered type
of individual who has little contact with the outside world, and that
this probably indicates that I am only seeing the tip of the iceberg
in terms of the atrocities being commited in the name of government.

  Aren't we safe, yet?
  With the thousands of laws that have been generated for our protection
over the last few years, shouldn't we be *more* safe now, rather than
*less* safe?
  Since our safety seems to depend on the erosion of our Constitutional
rights, could the problem be that our rights aren't being eroded *fast*
enough? Should we be pressing the government for immediate suspension
of *all* of our Constitutional rights, so that we can achieve total
safety *immediately*?
  Or should I go hide out at my family's cabin at Ruby Ridge until the
government has finally made the rest of the world safe for me?

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