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Sun Aug 24 18:27:04 PDT 1997

BBblue at wrote:
>  Financial Healings.

  This is actually from list forger, Robert Hettinga, who was trying
to write a post called 'Financial Dealings' when he was seized by a
fit of Platypus-Downey Syndrome.
  Originally a government-generated hereditary Trojan virus developed
by allegedly reptilian Nazis, agraphia was introduced to the cypherpunks
mailing list, becoming commonly known as Platyagraphia, as it spread
quickly throughout the list.
  By a curious penalty-stroke of fate, the Christian hordes descending
on the list as the outbreak of Platyagraphia spread, were inflected,
and the resulting inflection turned them into Christian 'whores,' at
which time Platyagraphia became uncommonly known as Platypus-Downey

>   Enclose a self stamped and self addressed envelope with one dollar in it to each of the people below.
>  COME ON!   What are you going to loose?   6 WHOLE DOLLARS!  NO WAY CAN YOU POSSIBLY LOSE.

  Hettinga, once a respected member of the financial crypto community,
has been turned
into pathetic figure by Platypus-Downey Syndrome, which has aggragated
the Money Fever
that he had been successful in controlling up to this point. Now he has
been reduced
to spamming the Internet with MLM Prayer-List chain mail, in a desperate
attempt to
"Make Money La$t" at a dollar-a-pop.
  Once a secular figure known as the Father of eCa$h, Hettinga is now a
Cyhperpunk Cult of One leader known as the Dollar Llama.

>  Remember to have a copy of Your favorite healing prayer to stuff in envlopes as they send you $1.00.
>  If you don't have one you may use mine.

  In his own defence, Hettinga, making a veiled reference to the "lack
of evolutionary
pressures" thread currently raging on the list, said, "I'm providing a
service to
both the Christan community and the financial eugenics movement, by
financial munitions from those too stupid to pray without my help, one
dollar at
a time.


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