Why Not to use PGP 5.0

Damaged Justice frogfarm at yakko.cs.wmich.edu
Sun Aug 24 17:30:19 PDT 1997

An entity calling itself William H. Geiger III allegedly wrote:
> >http://www.shub-internet.org/why_not_pgp_5.html
> Well I went to this web page and once again nothing but FUD.
> Oh well better luck next time frogfarm,

I think the best luck I could have would be if some kind soul were to
explain in a little detail why the claims on the above page are FUD, for
those of us not as technically advanced as the hardcoders.

I don't write 'em; I just forwards 'em...

Write your representatives and complain. Demand that they institute the death
penalty for all crimes, including jaywalking, tearing the tags off mattresses
and "thinking about possibly contemplating an action which may be considered a
crime at some point in the future."  ['TruthMonger', on the cypherpunks list] 

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