You Have Over a 50% Chance of Being Owed Money!

money at money at
Sun Aug 24 14:12:44 PDT 1997

ATTENTION:  This is an awareness notification from Personal Funds
Recovery, Inc.

We want to inform the American public about money they are owed, and
then help them get it back.  

There is over 400 billion dollars in unclaimed money in the U.S.  

More than 50% of Americans are owed a portion of this money.  

You should check to see if you are owed some of this money.

It is unclaimed money that people simply forgot about or never knew
existed.  Here are some examples: checking and savings accounts, 
stocks and bonds, IRA accounts, teacher retirement plans, union pensions,
dividends, payroll checks, insurance policies, security deposits, safety
deposit boxes, pension funds, the Social Security Administration, United
States Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, and many, many more.

Visit our web site at and we will conduct
a search for you.  We can also perform a search for Canadians! 

P.S.  If you wish to be removed from further notifications please reply
by email and include the word remove in the subject heading.

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