National Labs Want Dole or Deal

John Young jya at
Sun Aug 24 11:55:39 PDT 1997

NYT reported yesterday on the national labs efforts to attract
commercial clients to offset declines in national security funding, 
with Sandia being featured.

We've been receiving from Bill Payne, ex-Sandia cryptographer,
a series of reports and letters on what's happening to enraged
Sandia scientists and staff as the budgets decline and piddling
new missions are sought, while facing the congressional threat to 
close all the labs and the entire Department of Energy. We'll offer
one of the astute assessments shortly which describes the
bind imported managers are in to turn the labs into dog-eat-dog 
corporate sweatshops, and how the not so dumb scientists are 
learning to fuck with the heads of the hatcheters, refusing to work,
bickering, prolonging disputes, sabotaging projects, maybe/maybe 
not whispering secrets to bad people in other countries, or worst of 
all, disclosing vital national information to commercial interests, that
is, outfox management by arranging a private deal.

As the NY Times recently reported on the fearsome threats nuclear 
weapons scientists are making to keep funding coming, noting that 
the Russians are doing the same, all rather brilliantly saying: keep us 
"peacekeepers" doing the dirty work happy or suffer the consequences 
when the loyal patriotic guards go over the fence, or simpler, open the 
gates, that is sell the PAL codes, barter the diagrams, to maintain 
our "entitlement".

Yep, the Sandia manager claims that the best and brightest scientists
of the US believe that their dole should be for life. Or they are going to
get very black market ammo oriented, that's market-Oriented.

The Times editorialized today that the nation's leaders must not give
in to nuclear blackmail from its own professional nuclear blackmailers.
Yet who's going to pay the nuclear gunslingers if we don't? 

Eh, Mr. Crispin? What do you know that we don't and what will you
charge to tell?

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