Stealth Helicopters

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Sun Aug 24 03:17:14 PDT 1997

Anonymous wrote:

> >       There is no conspiracy by a secret government to destroy
> >       the Constitution, enslave the people, and rule the world.
> "Like them new Stealth Helicopters, equipped with devices to drown out
> the sound."

  I was watching a 'crop' in Humbold County, CA, in the early 80's
and was standing near the top of a hill one day when I heard a
slight "whoosh, whoosh" for about three seconds before a helicopter
came over the hill, scaring the living shit out of me.
  I imagine that in the 15 or so years since then, the govt has
managed to make them invisible, as well.

  The Campaign Against Marijuana Production (CAMP) was interesting,
with the Federal government supplying the toys, and the heavily
armed troops consisting of 'volunteers' from various agencies and
  At the time, I wondered if one of the purposes of CAMP was to
enable local law enforcement personnel from around the nation to
do 'male bonding' with Big Brother. Now I believe that history
has proven me correct.
  A varitey of other Federal policies, laws and regulations also
seem aimed at drawing local and regional LEA's into Big Brother's
spreading web.

  The confiscation of drug-related assets, for instance, allows
the LEA's in Louisianna to confiscate the vehicles of a multitude
of out-of-state visitors under the slimmest of pretexes.
  The Feds have basically put local LEA's in their back pocket by
letting them play with their hi-tech toys and sharing the spoils
of the War Against the Citizens.

  One of the people who have had their vehicle wrongfully seized
under the drug-related confiscations laws received the car as a
gift. Now the IRS is still demanding that he pay a 'gift tax' on
the vehicle, even though he only had it for a few days.
  The increasing cooperation between Federal, State and local
LEA's has brought a whole new meaning to the words, "The line
forms to the rear."


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