Pat is NOT a Cypherpunk

Lynne L. Harrison lharrison at
Sat Aug 23 18:03:50 PDT 1997

Amen! (Sorry, couldn't help myself - the devil made me do it.)

At 05:37 PM 8/23/97 -0700, Mike Duvos wrote:
>Tim wrote:
> > If Pat Robertson called for the death by stoning of UFO
> > believers, it was almost certainly rhetorical hyperbole,
> > like Rush Limbaugh's suggestions of what ought to be done to
> > lesbians.
>Oh piffle.  Pat believes in a Heaven filled with God, angels,
>demons, and various other nonsensical beings, and an earth where
>we have all been sent to be punished after the Fall.
>Pat is threatened by a Universe with stars and galaxies in place
>of Heavenly Hosts, and responds by suggesting the killing of
>This is a lot different than Rush or Howard Stern doing a few
>jokes about Lesbians.
>Pat is afraid of Government Approved Crypto because he thinks it
>is the Mark of the Beast, which will be stamped on his forehead
>to prevent him from buying or selling without the approval of the
>anti-Christ, who will rule earth after Pat and his friends have
>risen into the air with the rest of the true believers.
>Pat's reasons for coicidentally supporting a few of our agenda
>items are so far removed from our reasons for supporting them,
>that any suggestion he is our friend borders on the absurd.

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