Pat is NOT a Cypherpunk

Mike Duvos enoch at
Sat Aug 23 17:44:27 PDT 1997

Tim wrote:

 > If Pat Robertson called for the death by stoning of UFO
 > believers, it was almost certainly rhetorical hyperbole,
 > like Rush Limbaugh's suggestions of what ought to be done to
 > lesbians.

Oh piffle.  Pat believes in a Heaven filled with God, angels,
demons, and various other nonsensical beings, and an earth where
we have all been sent to be punished after the Fall.

Pat is threatened by a Universe with stars and galaxies in place
of Heavenly Hosts, and responds by suggesting the killing of

This is a lot different than Rush or Howard Stern doing a few
jokes about Lesbians.

Pat is afraid of Government Approved Crypto because he thinks it
is the Mark of the Beast, which will be stamped on his forehead
to prevent him from buying or selling without the approval of the
anti-Christ, who will rule earth after Pat and his friends have
risen into the air with the rest of the true believers.

Pat's reasons for coicidentally supporting a few of our agenda
items are so far removed from our reasons for supporting them,
that any suggestion he is our friend borders on the absurd.

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