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>>Mark M writes:

>> The U.S. Constitution explicitly states in Article I, Section 8,
>>that the militia may be called forth (by the federal government) to
>>enforce federal law.  The army and other military forces, however,
>>were not given this power

>But they were not explicitly denied it, either.

Well there are two opposing camps on the Constitution.

On one side you have the Libertarian view that the Constitution is a
limiting document. The Federal government only has the power that is
explicitly granted and no more.

On the other side we have the view you have presented that unless
explicitly denied the Federal Government can do anything it pleases.

Anyone who has studied the writings of our Founding Fathers can clearly
see that they intended for the Constitution to be a limiting document. The
States had just finished fighting a long war against an oppressive,
distant centralized government had had no intentions of creating another
one in its place.

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