In Defense of Pat Robertson and the "700 Club"

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Sat Aug 23 17:32:03 PDT 1997

Lynne L. Harrison wrote:
> At 02:08 AM 8/23/97 -0700, you wrote:
> >If Pat Robertson called for the death by stoning of UFO believers, it was
> >almost certainly rhetorical hyperbole, like Rush Limbaugh's suggestions of
> >what ought to be done to lesbians.
> The Anti-UFO movement has replaced (or is along side of) the
> anti-evolutionary movement.  It is Robertson's and his ilk's belief that
> UFO's are anti-Christian, i.e., Satan's plot to disprove biblical teachings
> - specifically, if there is life on other worlds, then the Bible is
> incorrect in that man was created in God's image since Vulcans, Klingons,
> and whom/whatever would also have to be added as being created in God's image.

  My Bible not only has references to the Vulcans and Klingons, but it
is also signed with Jesus's PGP key, which is verified with Kent
PGP signature (dated Dec. 17, 2041).

  Pigs Fly

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