Toast NYC, Waste World, Let Me Help

John Young jya at
Sat Aug 23 16:39:10 PDT 1997

>>> I'd love for this to happen!  I wish someone would condense the instructions
>>> for making nukes in one's garage into 4-6 lines suitable for .sigs.
>>New York will probably get it first, Doctor.
>You say this as if it would be a bad thing. :)

A Teller idea, pulverize everything east of Broadway (I'm west), the 
Atlantic Community, landmass Asia, Pacific Rim and isles, all the
way round to putrid New Jersey, but, hey, precision shape the shot 
so my house of cards, now thirty years in the making and almost 
done, gets finally finished. There's a $25 booby prize involved and 
its my sole Friedman-free market pension, having never fed the 
FDR pinko kitty, having never invested wisely, having never
got more than a sack to piss blood in, getting what the American 
people promised in the We Want You, Be All You Can Be. 

Yeah, warlords, you're right, what a sucker-punch that Constitution 
shit is, no protection at all when you're biting bullets for American 

Tim's right, every bullshit warrior's right, it's time to get over that, clean 
the cobwebs, unpawn my rusty rifles and attack the Bronx VA pigsty, pop 
a dozen or two useless torsos not worth wasting taxes on, sweep down
Broadway to Wall Street, shooting, shoot the shit out of whatever rasps 
my nuts, shoot, shoot, save the fucked up taxpayers pennies to invest 
in junk IPOs and electronic toys.

Yeah, get back to being a hot-blood with guts to do the right 
thing. Yes sir, this is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for work, this is for 
fun. No more fun, no more doubt about what's right and wrong, fuck that. 
Nurse Rachet, unhook my bag, get my peg, call me a cab, lend me ten, 
back to glory, one last time.

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