In Defense of Pat Robertson and the "700 Club"

Lynne L. Harrison lharrison at
Sat Aug 23 16:38:43 PDT 1997

At 02:08 AM 8/23/97 -0700, you wrote:
>If Pat Robertson called for the death by stoning of UFO believers, it was
>almost certainly rhetorical hyperbole, like Rush Limbaugh's suggestions of
>what ought to be done to lesbians.

The Anti-UFO movement has replaced (or is along side of) the
anti-evolutionary movement.  It is Robertson's and his ilk's belief that
UFO's are anti-Christian, i.e., Satan's plot to disprove biblical teachings
- specifically, if there is life on other worlds, then the Bible is
incorrect in that man was created in God's image since Vulcans, Klingons,
and whom/whatever would also have to be added as being created in God's image.

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