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      Disney lawsuit August 22, 1997
     Web posted at: 10:44 p.m. EDT (0244 GMT)
     LOS ANGELES, (Reuter) -- A judge on Friday dismissed asuit brought
     against Disneyland by a woman who said she wasrobbed at the theme
     park and her grandchildren were traumatized by seeing Disney
     characters remove their costumes.
     The lawsuit was brought by Billie Jean Matay, 57, who wasone of the
     first group of Mouseketeers, young Disneyentertainers dressed in
     costumes that included Mickey Mouse ears, to perform at Disneyland
     when it opened 40 years ago.
     Orange County Superior Court Judge Richard Luesenbrink said,"There
     is nothing to suggest this incident could have beenavoided."
     The dismissal came after Matay's lawyer had rested his case.
     Matay, who broke down on the witness stand when shetestified, blamed
     poor security at the park's parking lot for her being robbed of $165
     at gunpoint in August 1995 when she went there with her three
     grandsons, aged between 5 and 10.
     She said that after the incident, security guards detainedher family
     and her grandsons were shocked and traumatized when they saw Disney
     characters they believed were real take off their costumes in a back
     stage area.
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