Plot of the Platypus

John Young jya at
Sat Aug 23 09:47:32 PDT 1997

THE LIE wrote:
>In fact, many disorders of reading (alexia) and writing (agraphia)
>exist, and are sourced to small lesions in different areas of the brain.

Moreover, upon finer resolution of examination or by use of a different tool, 
disorders are often discovered to be indistinguishable from orders with
a slightly larger maw.

Thus, do maws and survivalist manuals and bibles and cults of 
incontrovertible wisdom thrive and beef-up and kudzu every 
more uncontrollability, until ... the four bad-ass dudes ride in to waste the 
evanescent land and mindscape, allowing the cosmo-launder cycle to 

We've a stack of pre-owned omni-space-time prayerbooks for offer,
e-ver or tear-and-blood-stained print.

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