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> >You need to read the Constitution again, you missed something critical in
> >there.
> Nope, I didn't. Nowhere is the Constitution does it say that citizens have
> a right to welfare money. The State is free to make virtually anything not
> expressly prohibited by the Constitution a condition for providing welfare.

Yes, Lucky you did.

Go read the 10th. The state is NOT (I say again, NOT) allowed to
do anything not expressly allowed because the Constitution is a clear
refutation of this sort of thinking.

> Including that the recipient takes positive steps to forestall the breeding
> of further welfare recipients. Even making castration a precondition for
> receiving welfare would be constitiutional. [I do not advocate such a step].

On one hand you rail against the oppression of people by their government and
then you promote even further oppression, what a hypocrite. Your eugenic
slant on democracy is a disservice.

In case you haven't caught the clue, people don't belong to the government.

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