Plot of the Platypus

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Sat Aug 23 08:51:51 PDT 1997

In thread "Plot of the Platypus", Conspirator postulates:
> >Please excuse my spelling as I suffer from agraphia see the url in my header.
>    Notice anything a little bit *strange* in the above quotes?
>    Suddenly, "? the Platypus" is the the only one of this group that
>  can spell welfair...warfair......welfare.

In fact, many disorders of reading (alexia) and writing (agraphia)
exist, and are sourced to small lesions in different areas of the brain.
Functionality is so distributed physically, in fact, that there are
even particular lesions which can disrupt reading of phonetic kana
Japanese but not ideographic kanji Japanese.

Since vocabulary appears to be content-separated physically into
different network sections, it is possible the Platypus' problem
only affects some groups of words, and not others. For example,
patients have been found who have lost all use of "fruit" words
like "apple, orange, banana", though they can understand and use
"color" words like "red, orange, yellow".


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