Shooting the taggers

John Smith jsmith58 at
Fri Aug 22 22:23:00 PDT 1997

>>>There's a solution for taggers: snipers.

>From: Jonathan Wienke <JonWienk at>

>Speaking as a father and as someone who has been followed by gang 
>on numerous occasions after witnessing a gang assault and providing
>information to the police, I am in agreement with Tim May.

You agree that the solution for taggers is snipers?  You agree that
children who paint graffiti should be shot, perhaps killed?

>I don't want my
>child to be corrupted or assaulted by worthless, predatory scum.  There
>would be much less gang crime if private citizens could cane or 
>deal with gangsters when they caught them in the act, pour encourager 
>autres, like.

Your own child gets a ride home with a crowd of high-spirited
troublemakers, and on the way home they bash in J. Cypherpunk's
mailbox with a baseball bat.  JC appears on his porch and rakes
the car with his AK-47, killing all on board.  Is this justified?


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