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Anonymous wrote:
> At 05:33 PM 8/22/97 -0400, you wrote:
> >>  Great Barrington, MA -- In a recent
> >>  pronouncement, television evangelist and
> >>  head of the Christian Coalition, Pat
> >>  Robertson, advocated death by stoning for
> >>  crypto enthusiasts.
> I've never understood this dumb Christian overlooking of how the world
> actually functions.  You don't "stone" people to death anymore,
> there's other ways to kill them.  Second, this "Pat Robertson" is a
> fascist.

  I'm a Frisbeetarian. I believe that, when you die, your soul goes up
on the roof, and you can't get it down.
  Nonethemore, I take umbrage at much of the recent Christian-bashing
taking place on the cypherpunks list. Bash Pat Robertson, 'make fun' 
of Jesus, but please, stop painting with the wide brush. If I claim 
to speak for the cypherpunks, then I would expect to be roundly booed
and set upon by Mongers with long teeth and shot at by whoever May
choose to do so. I expect the same for Pat Robertson when he speaks
for Jesus. He's an asshole!
  However, the cypherpunks mailing list serves a purpose for giving
us a forum to discuss and debate issues that are important to us, and
the Christian faith does likewise for those who think evolution is
a Satanist plot, and Jesus plays goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks.
(Jesus Saves! {But Gretsky puts in the rebounds.})

> >>  While Robertson viewed the Internet with
> >>  suspicion, on a more serious note, he
> >>  launched into a diatribe against those who
> >>  entertain the existence of uninhibited free
> >>  speech on the Internet.

  Uuuhhh...forget what I just said. Let's kill this fucker and
anyone who tunes him in on "the day of the sun."

> >>  According to Robertson, the threat is so
> >>  serious that people who believe in free
> >>  speech should be put to death by stoning --
> >>  according to "God's word."

  This sounds like a misrepresentation of Robertson's beliefs,
by someone who has an axe to grind, but now that I've got the
adrenaline flowing, I don't give a shit. Let's kill him!
> Fuck him.  God's word is fascism, hate, narrow-mindedness, and a Big
> Brother State.  He can take his bible and shove it up his ass.

  That costs extra... At least, in the places I frequent, it does.

> Sorry, we own earth, and God doesn't exist.

  If God is Love, and Love is Blind, then Ray Charles must be God.
> >>  "He has given us the Earth. He also warned
> >>  us in the book of Matthew of the dangers of
> >>  corrupting forces such as the Internet which
> >>  can be used for evildoers:

  Why do people say things like this, without giving pointers
to the relevant URL's? If I'm going to avoid sinful web sites,
then I need to check them out first, so that I know what I am
  Being the forgiving type, I would also feel obligated to keep
checking these evil web sites out on a regular basis, to see if
they have repented, yet.
> First of all, this also proves Christians are incabable of making real
> world arguments, because they rely so heavily on a 1000-page book
> filled with lies.

  God (pardon the expression), but you have a negative attitude. There
are many valuable things one can learn from studying the Bible.
Q?: Who was the smallest person in the Bible?
A!: The guard who fell asleep on his watch!

Q?: Which stretches further, rubber or skin?
A!: Skin. The Bible tells of a man who tied his ass to a tree, and
    walked over a mountain.
> >>  "'A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can
> >>  a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that
> >>  does not bear good fruit is cut down and
> >>  thrown into the fire. Therefore, by their
> >>  fruits you will know them. (Matthew 7:17-20)'

  So, if your brother has a boyfriend...

> >>  "And you see, there is only one Word, and
> >>  that is the Word of God:
> Bullshit.

  I've been wondering what that word was. "Bullshit..."
  I like that word. Does that make me a Christian?
> >>  "'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word
> >>  was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1)'"

  Hey! I just typed 'God.'
  'God.' Look! I did it again.
  Watch this... Bullshit!
  I'm starting to like this Christian religion thing.

> Second off, cryptic responses aren't worth a shit in arguments.

  That's because you don't take the time to understand them.
  Remember, "Patience comes to those who wait."
> >>  "Can a demon appear as a slanty-eyed,
> >>  funny-looking computer hacker?

  Well, I've never actually *met* Bill Gates, but...
> >>  Of course
> >>  he can, or it can. Of course they can deceive
> >>  people. And if they can lead somebody away
> >>  from the true God, or away from Jesus
> >>  Christ, anyway it happens, it doesn't
> >>  matter, you will lose your salvation. It
> >>  doesn't matter how they get you. The
> >>  question is, did they get you, and under
> >>  what guise?

  Well, you have to consider the Support package before you really
pass judgement. What kind of Jock strap are we talking about, here?
> >>  "This is man in rebellion against God, who
> >>  refuses to take God's Law. And God says,
> >>  'My covenant says you won't do this. And if
> >>  I find anybody in Israel,'-- "which is his
> >>  pure nation" -- 'If I find anybody in
> >>  Israel that's doing this sort of thing,
> >>  then I want you to take him out and dispose
> >>  of him."
> That is fascism.  Nazi fascism.

  Come on, you're overreacting. Everything is disposable these days. 

> >>  "It's a clear violation of God's word.
> >>  Stone them."

  "Everybody must get stoned." - Bob Dylan

> >>  Skipp Porteous, Freedom Writer publisher,
> >>  commented: "As the founder and chairman of
> >>  the Christian Coalition -- a group
> >>  dedicated to becoming the most powerful
> >>  political force in America -- Robertson's
> >>  extreme ideas need to be taken seriously,
> >>  for they not only negate pluralism, but
> >>  condemn to death those who dare to believe
> >>  differently."

  How differently does one have to believe to just get "spanked?"
(I'm not into hard-core.)
> This speech of his outlines in entirety the Christian Agenda.
> Enslaving, murder of those different, intolerance, fascism.

  Jesus! (pardon the expression)
  Do these people put out a magazine? Color glossies? Is there
bondage involved? If so, I would be willing to convert.

 > If Christians try to stone anyone, they should be shot right away.

  Not if they pick out the seeds and stems, first.
> Freedom-Thru-AtheismMonger
> "Your god is DEAD!!! And no one cares!!! If there is a hell, I'll see
> you there!!!!!" - Nine Inch Nails, "Heresy"

  I bought a futures contract on "Nine Inch Nails." If they are not
"Eleven Inch Nails" by this time next week, I lose my ass.

  I know this post doesn't make much sense, but it's Friday night and
I haven't got a date. Is anybody out there getting laid tonight? Could
you send me pictures?
  I'm desperate. The posts to alt.boring have slowed to a crawl. I'm
running out of Pop Tarts. Still no word from the Reader's Digest 

  And the way this relates to cryptography is...
  ...uuuhhh...John Gilmore is a cocksucker!

(Bet you thought this whole damn post was going to be off-topic,
 didn't you?)

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