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>>  Great Barrington, MA -- In a recent
>>  pronouncement, television evangelist and
>>  head of the Christian Coalition, Pat
>>  Robertson, advocated death by stoning for
>>  crypto enthusiasts.


I've never understood this dumb Christian overlooking of how the world
actually functions.  You don't "stone" people to death anymore,
there's other ways to kill them.  Second, this "Pat Robertson" is a

>>  Robertson used the news of the July 25th
>>  Senate Commerce Committee hearing to promote
>>  his extreme beliefs. A segment on the July 27,
>>  1997 broadcast of The 700 Club featured news
>>  of the Senate hearing. Employing the
>>  historical event as a starting point, the
>>  program delved into the possibility of the
>>  existence of anonymous free speech on the
>>  Internet.

Something that should be spread, rather than destroyed, but narrow
minded Christians don't seem to get that.

>>  While Robertson viewed the Internet with
>>  suspicion, on a more serious note, he
>>  launched into a diatribe against those who
>>  entertain the existence of uninhibited free
>>  speech on the Internet. He said, in a
>>  rambling discourse, that if such a thing
>>  existed, it would simply create demons that
>>  would lead people away from Christ.

Lead them away from opression, to freedom.  According to this guy, the
people who helped stike down the CDA are devils.

Also, this clearly shows that this man is a Nazi.

>>  According to Robertson, the threat is so
>>  serious that people who believe in free
>>  speech should be put to death by stoning --
>>  according to "God's word."

Fuck him.  God's word is fascism, hate, narrow-mindedness, and a Big
Brother State.  He can take his bible and shove it up his ass.

>>  "The Bible says the Earth belongs to man,
>>  but the Word belongs to the Lord,"
>>  Robertson said.

Sorry, we own earth, and God doesn't exist.

>>  "He has given us the Earth. He also warned 
>>  us in the book of Matthew of the dangers of
>>  corrupting forces such as the Internet which
>>  can be used for evildoers:

First of all, this also proves Christians are incabable of making real
world arguments, because they rely so heavily on a 1000-page book
filled with lies.

>>  "'A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can
>>  a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that
>>  does not bear good fruit is cut down and 
>>  thrown into the fire. Therefore, by their
>>  fruits you will know them. (Matthew 7:17-20)'

I'm not going to bother with cryptic messages sent by a god-loving

>>  "And you see, there is only one Word, and
>>  that is the Word of God:


>>  "'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word
>>  was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1)'"
>>  'For the Word of the Lord is right; and all his
>>  works are done with faithfulness. He loveth
>>  mercy and judgment: the earth is full of the
>>  mercy of the Lord. (Psalm 32:4-5)'

Mercy?  How merciful is commiting mass-murder because humans don't fit
your bill, god?

Second off, cryptic responses aren't worth a shit in arguments.

The word of the lord is fascism.

>>  "Can a demon appear as a slanty-eyed,
>>  funny-looking computer hacker?

No, but I see them all the time in tghe form of men wearing robes with
crosses on them, reading from a 1000-page book of lies.

>>  Of course
>>  he can, or it can. Of course they can deceive
>>  people. And if they can lead somebody away
>>  from the true God, or away from Jesus
>>  Christ, anyway it happens, it doesn't
>>  matter, you will lose your salvation. It
>>  doesn't matter how they get you. The
>>  question is, did they get you, and under
>>  what guise?

As i said, they don't lure you away from god, they open your eyes, and
you grow up and stop the nonsense.

>>  "This is man in rebellion against God, who
>>  refuses to take God's Law. And God says,
>>  'My covenant says you won't do this. And if
>>  I find anybody in Israel,'-- "which is his
>>  pure nation" -- 'If I find anybody in
>>  Israel that's doing this sort of thing,
>>  then I want you to take him out and dispose
>>  of him."

That is fascism.  Nazi fascism.

>>  "It's a clear violation of God's word.
>>  Stone them."

That's a clear violation of my rights, shoot that Christian prick.

>>  Skipp Porteous, Freedom Writer publisher,
>>  commented: "As the founder and chairman of
>>  the Christian Coalition -- a group
>>  dedicated to becoming the most powerful
>>  political force in America -- Robertson's
>>  extreme ideas need to be taken seriously,
>>  for they not only negate pluralism, but
>>  condemn to death those who dare to believe
>>  differently."

Which is fascism.  Nazi fascism.  This loser makes Communism sound
good, considering it outlaws religion.

This post has moved me considerably.  Some parts of his speech
requires a response that words could not adequately describe.

This speech of his outlines in entirety the Christian Agenda. 
Enslaving, murder of those different, intolerance, fascism.

If Christians try to stone anyone, they should be shot right away.

"Your god is DEAD!!! And no one cares!!! If there is a hell, I'll see
you there!!!!!" - Nine Inch Nails, "Heresy"

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