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John Young <jya at> writes:

> Along this line:
> A few days ago we received an 8-page excerpt from "Shift Register
> Sequences," by Solomon W. Golomb (at USC), Holden-Day, Inc.,
> no date, with a handwritten note:
>    NSA has tried to suppress knowledge of this stuff. Nearly all NSA 'good'
>    algorithms are based on this technology.
> IANAM, so would any of the mathematicians here give any credibility to
> this claim? We'll scan and put the excerpt on our Web site if worthwhile.
> It's composed of the book's 3 page preface and 5 pages of text and
> diagrams of Chapter 2 on The Shift Register as a Finite State Machine,
> with principal focus on de Bruijn diagrams for shift registers.

The NSA certainly did try to suppress much shift-register-related stuff.

The recent Sandia lawsuit is over shift register stuff.

There are increasingly persistent rumor of a fast factoring algorithm
based on shift registers.

Therefore anything mentioning them is of interest.

But: Was there any info in the package other than the passages from the book?

I don't think it's a good idea to put up chunks of the book - the publisher
might cry copyright infringement, and everybody probably has it anyway.

[I'm about to turn off this box, so I won't see any responses in a while.]


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