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At 07:11 PM 8/21/97 -0700, Tim May wrote:

>Third, the Disneyland case is proceeding. The children "traumatized" by
>seeing the actor playing Mickey remove his mouse head in front of them. Oh,
>the horrors! And this is set to be a _jury_ trial. If I were called in and
>forced to sit on this jury, collecting my oh-so-generous $5 or $10 a day,
>I'd pull out my H & K and blow someone away. (The hysterical grandmother,
>acting out her inner demons, deserves a Hasty Pudding prize for overacting
>and absurdity. You have to see it yourself.)

The children being "tramatized" is only a small part of this case.  If you
look at _WHY_ the kids were there in the first place, the lawsuit makes a
whole lot more sense.  (The family was being held against their will by
overreacting security guards after the family had been robbed in the
parking lot.)  But when you are an ex-mouseketeer, you can screw over the
security guards in court. (Unlike the usual "man-on-the-street" that gets
abuse by the mickey mouse guards.) 

I suggest reading what the real incident involves
<> instead of
relying on second hand reports.

If you want to make claims that the court system is screwed up, this is not
the best example.  You are ignoring the fact that the grandmother and her
grandchildren were held against their will.  But that does not make for
good rant, does it?

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