Picketing with packets enhanced version

Mike Duvos enoch at zipcon.net
Fri Aug 22 12:26:24 PDT 1997

Patrick Oonk writes:

> Well, the program didn't work at all (at least here, 
> Sun Solaris 2.5.1 Sparc, Perl 5.003) and now
> it does. Before it only connected to one of the numbers
> in the hosts file, now it does to all of them.

I gave the original program a quick try.  I looked at /proc
and saw the correct number of file descriptors, but a 
netstat|grep on my userid did not show any actual connections. 

I put it aside and was going to step through it with the
debugger when I got a free moment, and report back when
I had figured out what the problem was. 

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