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It's not an _Onion_ satire:

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Subject: Pat Robertson advocates stoning for UFO enthusiasts
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>  CONTACT: Skipp Porteous (413) 528-3800
>  Robertson advocates stoning for UFO
>  enthusiasts
>  Great Barrington, MA -- In a recent
>  pronouncement, television evangelist and
>  head of the Christian Coalition, Pat
>  Robertson, advocated death by stoning for
>  UFO enthusiasts.
>  Freedom Writer magazine, in its July/August
>  issue, mailed today, disclosed Robertson's
>  statement. Freedom Writer is published by
>  the Institute for First Amendment Studies,
>  a group that monitors the right.
>  Robertson used the news of the July 4th
>  Mars landing to promote his extreme
>  beliefs. A segment on the July 8, 1997
>  broadcast of The 700 Club featured news of
>  the Mars Pathfinder mission. Employing the
>  historical event as a starting point, the
>  program delved into the possibility of the
>  existence of UFOs and space aliens.
>  While Robertson viewed the space program
>  with suspicion, on a more serious note, he
>  launched into a diatribe against those who
>  entertain the existence of space aliens and
>  UFOs. He said, in a rambling discourse, that
>  if such things exist, they are simply demons
>  trying to lead people away from Christ.
>  According to Robertson, the threat is so
>  serious that people who believe in space
>  aliens should be put to death by stoning --
>  according to "God's word."
>  "The Bible says the Earth belongs to man,
>  but the heavens belong to the Lord,"
>  Robertson said.
>  "He has given us the Earth. He also warned,
>  way back when Moses was writing down not
>  only what is the Ten Commandments, but
>  Deuteronomy, which is almost the Second Law.
>  "Here is what he said to the children of
>  Israel about this whole matter:
>  "'If there is found among you, within any
>  of your gates which the Lord your God gives
>  you, a man or a woman who has been wicked in
>  the sight of the Lord your God, in
>  transgressing His covenant, who has gone
>  and served other gods and worshipped them,
>  either the sun or moon or any of the hosts
>  of heaven which I have not commanded you,
>  and you hear of it, then you shall inquire
>  diligently. And if it is indeed true and
>  certain that such an abomination has been
>  committed in Israel, then you shall bring
>  out to your gates that man or woman who has
>  committed that wicked thing, and stone to
>  death that man or woman with stones.'"
>  (Deuteronomy 17:2-5, NKJV)
>  "Now, that's what Moses said to the
>  children of Israel about those who worship
>  the sun and the moon and the hosts of
>  heaven, because these things, at best, are
>  lifeless nothings, or, if they are
>  intelligent, they're demonic. And, yes,
>  there is a host of heaven. There are angels
>  and there are fallen angels. There is no
>  question about it."
>  "Can a demon appear as a slanty-eyed,
>  funny-looking creature? Of course he can,
>  or it can. Of course they can deceive
>  people. And if they can lead somebody away
>  from the true God, or away from Jesus
>  Christ, anyway it happens, it doesn't
>  matter, you will lose your salvation. It
>  doesn't matter how they get you. The
>  question is, did they get you, and under
>  what guise?
>  "This is man in rebellion against God, who
>  refuses to take God's Law. And God says,
>  'My covenant says you won't do this. And if
>  I find anybody in Israel,'-- "which is his
>  pure nation" -- 'If I find anybody in
>  Israel that's doing this sort of thing,
>  then I want you to take him out and dispose
>  of him."
>  "It's a clear violation of God's word."
>  Skipp Porteous, Freedom Writer publisher,
>  commented: "As the founder and chairman of
>  the Christian Coalition -- a group
>  dedicated to becoming the most powerful
>  political force in America -- Robertson's
>  extreme ideas need to be taken seriously,
>  for they not only negate pluralism, but
>  condemn to death those who dare to believe
>  differently."

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