No Subject

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Fri Aug 22 10:10:31 PDT 1997

Kent Crispix drunkenly blubbered out:
>> Should we just sit idly by and let police officers attack citizens?
>Of course not.  There are possible responses other than the ones you 
>suggest, however.

Like what Kent, asking cops to defend you, from Cops?  Sorry, Kent,
that method doesn't work.  Filing a lawsuit, or bringing them to court
won't stop em from doing it again, also, a chance remains that they
won't get convicted, after all, almost any police force I've seen
always gets off for doing things.

Remember, plungering someone like that is definitely a cruel and
unusual punishment, and therefore a crime in itself.

Those pigs should rot in jail for violating someones constitutional

However, the eye for an eye thing would make for an interesting
punishment for the cops.

"There's something wrong with not killing cops in defense who sodomize

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