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On Fri, 22 Aug 1997, ? the platypus {aka David Formosa} wrote:

> No even by there acts thay do not reduce there humanity.  Humans do some
> realy rotten things but that is just the nature of a creature with free
> will.

And somehow this justifies their actions while allowing them to be human,
and doesn't justify our hatred of them and makes us inhuman?  How's that
again?   The logic of this escapes me.  Perhaps you're much brighter than
I, and can see what I can't.

> > > So we should resond in a simmler mannor?
> > 
> > An eye for an eye, a toilet plunger for another.  That's the only true
> > justice there can be.
> Again I would not wish to live like that Nor do I beleave that it is true
> justice (what ever that may be.).  Its a barbric form of psydojusice.

It's called having the punishment fit the crime precisely and exactly.
It's your choice to live or not live like that.  Nobody is forcing you to
live in any way you dislike: except those that make the laws and enforce
them with toilet plungers.
> > Distinction: cypherpunks don't want to control or take away your privacy.
> Of cause, nether do the goverment, in the beinging.  But ideals fade and
> peaple become corrupted.  At some point someone is going to say "To
> protect your privacy we have to violate your privacy."

That would be Hoover.  Correct: corruption.  And why have we accepted and
allowed such corruption of ideals from the start?  The bastard should have
been shot the day he started this shit.
> But we are getting to the point where code can do more dammige and be more
> effective then any toilet plunger could be.  (Though I dout it will
> unblock drains)

Erm, when the jack booted thugs come at you with automatics, I'd like to
see you throw PGP disks, or source code at them to see if it can do more
damage to them that their bullets to your body.

> > I understand your fears, but hating the enemy and knowing the enemy isn't
> > becoming it.
> Its just I fear the cure where worce then the desease.

The cure happened once before.  Recall England and the lovely colonies
that rebelled.  Do you believe that cure was worse than the Kings taxes
and troops?

> Thay shouldn't be, but thay often are.  History is littered with examples
> of the heroic revolutionary leader becomeing the next dictor,  often
> before the presdential chair has gotten cold.

True, and agreed.  Doesn't mean we should accept the current fascists in
power and bend over when they ask nicely.
> Or stroking the egos and postion of the revolitionaries.

Nor stroking the egos of Klinton and Freeh, nor their position.

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