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Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Fri Aug 22 09:18:24 PDT 1997

At 05:39 AM 8/22/97 +0200, Boots wrote:
>> The United States has a lot of redistribution of wealth and a lot
of crime.

Elminate it.

> The United States has a lot of lawyers and a lot of crime.

Don't see how you can argue against that one.

> The United States has a lot of guns and a lot of crime.

So?  Actually, we have a lot of handguns, in the hands of criminals,
and even bigger guns in the hand of government terrorist groups like
the ATF, FBI, and the National Park Service.

If we have guns in the hands of responsible people, we have a good
society, armed, secure, and safe, like in Switzerland.

We don't need disarmamant.  We need armed responsible citizens forming
their own militias.  If we had that on a wide scale, we wouldn't need
a professional army.

Guns are neither good nor bad, but what we make of them.  They're
tools, much like plungers, which can be used to unclog a toilet after
visiting a Mexican Restraunt, or to sodomize a suspect.  Use plungers
and guns responsibly, and for good.


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