State Charges in Weaver Case

Anonymous anon at
Fri Aug 22 02:59:55 PDT 1997

William H. Geiger III wrote:

> He should be up on 1st Degree Murder charges as these were a planned,
> permeditated murders. Freeh, Reno, and Clinton should all be up on the
> same caharges as co-consiritors for planning and ordering the murders and
> for covering up the matter after the fact.

  After their conviction in State court, we should execute their spouse 
and child, and then try them again in Federal court.

> Of cource all 3 should be introduced to "'ol Sparky" for their part in the
> murders at Waco.

  A person who never leaves their State can be arrested and charged
for a resident of a different State, with different laws, accessing
the material on h/is/er hard drive.

  Can a State without the death penalty arrest and charge an 
executioner in a different State, that does have the death 
penalty, for murdering one of their State's residents?

  Next time I'm on a topless beach in France, can I make a
citizen's arrest on some beautiful babe and have her extradited
to the U.S. to have her charged? (I would probably settle out
of court for some privately arranged Victim Compensation.)

  If someone murders two people, shouldn't they be electrocuted,
resucitated, and then electrocuted again?

  If Willy Clinton left D.C. at 4 p.m. on a train travelling West
at 50/mph, and Louey Freeh left D.C. 2 hours later on a plane
travelling NorthWest at 20/mph, then why would Willy be on a
train, how would Louey's plane get off the ground, and how could
the "single CypherPunk theory" account for...?
  ...uuuhhh. I think I've already said too much.


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