Bad CypherPunk! No privacy! / Re: PGP5i supports RSA keys?

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Fri Aug 22 01:46:45 PDT 1997

Bill Stewart wrote:

> but there's also really no need for keys longer than 2048 bits unless
> some radical algorithmic breakthrough 
> 1024 bits is probably enough

  Other than the above, a very informative post.

  Perhaps all encryption programs ought to be named Enigma-1,
Enigma-2, etc.
  When the Allies gained the capability to break the Enigma code,
there was no front-page announcement. I checked the news headlines
today, and there was no front-page announcement of a "radical
algorithmic breakthrough." I take this to be proof positive that
the ever-present "they" have indeed made a breakthrough, and that
I need to use the strongest tools currently available for secure 

  Like the ZipLock ads where they put the angry bees in the ZipLock
and in the Generic Brand plastic bags, I am always tempted by the
statement that "512/1024/etc." is "good enough," to ask the person
making the statement to write a letter threatening the life of
"You Know Who," encrypt it and send it to me for forwarding to
the Whitewaterhouse. ("And don't forget to use the '-c' option.")

  Would you rather have the angry F-Bee-I agents in the 4096 bit
encrypted CryptLock bag or the 1024 bit GenericLock bag?

:: B o o t s

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