State Charges in Weaver Case

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>Here's an odd Ruby Ridge development, which just floated across Reuters.

>Idaho prosecutors have filed two sets of state charges against persons
>involved in the incident.

>Kevin Harris was charged with First Degree Murder for "killing Deputy
>U.S. Marshall William Degan willfully and with malice aforethought."

>FBI Sniper Lon Horiuchi was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the
>death of Vicki Weaver.

>Shouldn't it be First Degree Murder for deliberately killing someones
>wife with a baby in her arms, and involuntary
>manslaughter for using possibly excessive force against an armed

>Seems a bit backwards to me.

>I suppose it has something to do with that "only following
>orders" thing. :)

He should be up on 1st Degree Murder charges as these were a planned,
permeditated murders. Freeh, Reno, and Clinton should all be up on the
same caharges as co-consiritors for planning and ordering the murders and
for covering up the matter after the fact.

Of cource all 3 should be introduced to "'ol Sparky" for their part in the
murders at Waco.

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