State Charges in Weaver Case

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A species of Monger named GovtLicensedMurderMonger wrote:

> Ray Arachelian wrote: (re: "Just Following Orders" Horiuchi)
> > Fine, then what shall we charge the one that gave the order with?  And
> > what shal be the punishment?  If the one who takes the order relinquishes
> > reposability, then the one giving the order must be doubly responsible.
>   Jeez, Ray. If you follow this twisted train of logic, you end up
> expecting the President and the Legislature to take responsibility for
> the State of the Union.
>   Are you some kind of godless Commie, or something? You'll certainly
> feel foolish when the FBI lab proves that the trigger was pulled by
> a drug dealer who was told to do so by a child molester. It's just a
> shame that those poor federal agents had to be there to witness the
> tragedy.

  The godless Libertarians are also spouting off the same type of 
ludicrous claims regarding government officials being responsible
for their actions.
  Like the people we vote for actually had any say in how this
country is run... Geez, wise up, guys.

THE LIBERTARIAN, By Vin Suprynowicz
    'Enough money to have fed every human on earth'

    "August 2, 1997, marks the 60-year anniversary of the failed and
devastating American public policy of drug prohibition," announced
California Libertarian  gubernatorial candidate Steve Kubby of Lake
in a recent -- and refreshingly outspoken -- press release.

  "Just how big is $400 billion?" Kubby asks. "Adjusted for 1997
$400 billion is enough money to have fed every human on Earth, each
for the past 10 years."

  "As one of the chief architects of the War on Drugs, Lungren has a lot
explaining to do," Kubby said. "What has been accomplished by spending
such an incredible sum of money? We've created the biggest prison system
the history of the world, with more of our own citizens rotting behind
than any other nation in the world -- and drugs are cheaper and more
available than ever before, especially to kids.

  "It's time to hold public officials like Dan Lungren accountable for
tragic waste of money and lives that has produced nothing but more
more violence, more addiction, and more misery."

"It is even more puzzling as to why Mr. Lungren thinks his colossal
failures in the War on Drugs qualify him for higher public office."

  The "Kubby for governor" web page is at

Vin Suprynowicz is the assistant editorial page editor of the Las Vegas
Review-Journal. Readers may contact him via e-mail at vin at The
site for the Suprynowicz column is at
column is syndicated in the United States and Canada via Mountain Media
Syndications, P.O. Box 4422, Las Vegas Nev. 89127.

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