Welfare Solution #389 / Re: Socio-Economic Cults (Re: CypherPunk Cults)

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Thu Aug 21 22:59:00 PDT 1997

William H. Geiger III wrote:
> A prime example is the welfair class in America. All their basic needs are
> provided for by the State (food, housing, medical, education, ...) and yet
> they have the highest crime rates. And make no mistake this isn't 18th
> century England where people are stealing a loaf of bread to survive the
> majority of these criminal are commiting their crimes to support their
> entertainments.

Welfare Solution #389:
  Many in the welfair class have their basic needs met by the government
and then steal to buy heroin.
  How about this? - When a person on welfare is busted for heroin use,
or theft to support a habit, the State thereafter sends the person's
welfare check to a Crime Restitution fund and lets the person keep
stealing, only now it is for the purpose of supplying their own
basic needs.
  The crime rate stays the same, but the victims receive some amount
of recompensation.

  Damn, I'm smart...


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