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cypherpunks at toad.com cypherpunks at toad.com
Thu Aug 21 22:38:27 PDT 1997

Eventually, all spam, and spamscam, would stop if everyone followed 
the advice of film critic Roger Ebert.  He wrote in *Yahoo*:

Last spring I was on a panel about "Bad Manners on the Net" 
at the Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado.  We 
agreeed that junk e-mail (then no more than a mote in the eye) could 
eventually bring the whole cooperative endeavor of online mail 
crashing to its ruin.  On the spot, I devised the Boulder Pledge, and 
we solemnly crossed our hearts and took it.  

                            The Boulder Pledge

                Under no circumstances will I ever purchase 
                *anything* offered to me as the result of an
                unsolicited e-mail message.  Nor will I 
                forward chain letters, petitions, mass mailings,
                or virus warnings to large numbers of others.
                This is my contribution to the survival of 
                the online community.

The Boulder Pledge works by making junk mail unprofitable.  If nobody 
*ever buys anything,* spammers eventually will quit.  I hope.

End the Plague.  Raise your right hand.  Read aloud [the Boulder 
Pledge].  Then, pass it on, via Email to 10 or 20 of your concerned
friends.  Thanks.


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