Make Pennies Fast!!! / Re: Socio-Economic Cults (Re: CypherPunk Cults)

Owen Clear, OTC ucotc at dev.null
Thu Aug 21 15:23:09 PDT 1997

Orginating from: Owen Clear -- First Mate, U.S.S. Concept

In reply to Tim May:
> (Don't anybody waste their or my time with penny ante ideas for getting
> small amounts of money out of the country.)

  First, you get a round-trip ticket to Anguilla.
  Second, you buy a couple pairs of penny-loafers.

  ...uuhhh. Let me get back to you on this.
  (I want to double-check my math so I don't make a fool of myself.)

I remain,
  Owen Clear (on the "Concept")

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