Find Info You Never Thought Possible..ONLINE!!

Feanor feanor at
Thu Aug 21 11:54:44 PDT 1997

On Aug 21,  7:56, INFOREVOLUTION wrote:
} Subject: Find Info You Never Thought Possible..ONLINE!!
> Find The Dirt On The Internet!!
> You will not receive any more correspondence from us!!!!!
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> We have done the research for you!!! With this power tool you can access
> information all over the World Wide Web about your employees, friends and
> rivals. We give you the access to hundreds of sites that will supply you
> with information about DMV records, credit profiles, medical and criminal
> records, most anything you would want to know.

Wow.  Pseudolibertarian spam.

Anyone wanna bite, fork the money and report back to us?

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