Socio-Economic Cults (Re: CypherPunk Cults)

John Young jya at
Thu Aug 21 09:28:28 PDT 1997

gturk wrote:

>You must be referring to the Cult of Redistribution.

Tis true that as these accusatory options for blaming others
are displayed here, it becomes hard to tell who's potshotting from
what shifting position to gain better fire lines at friend and
foe and own foot.

As the Bastiat quote shows, the 19th century is a fount of
apologies for wizened rapacity, as are those stuck in that time warp
of heyday national and indiivudal self-destruction in the cause of 
unshakeable rigteousness, an affliction far from cured in nations and
individuals wanting to be Number One while totally whacked
out on ... take your pick from the socio-politico-econo bazaar,
most of which derives from the days of pre-Bastiat and now 
recycled by crazy-lazy-minded 20th century rip-offers of the
insecurely rich.

Will evolution in action ever kick in, or will the promise of it,
like dreams of social justice and faith in the constitution and arms, 
forever cheat the maniacally despairing with so few other choices
for peace of mind?

Are there any reliable prefabricated alternatives from history, from
today, to self-imposed sheepledom of your sole invention?

Now, to move on to the day's news: Is Tim going to be kidnapped
by a gang of mixed breed cops and ammo merchants, shot instantly
and chained in dugout till his loved redeems his maggoty carcass by
redistributing his nestegg? That's the topic of the NYT's lead business 
story today, the need for secret ransom insurance, so secret that it 
does not make you a free-for-taking target like the usual unwise display 
of peacockery.

Hide it if you got it, hide your lush affiliations too, the poor reporters 
advise, or the world's scum with nothing else to do but watch and wait 
are gonna snag your unsmart ass when you least expect it, now as in 
ages past, unless, to be sure, more scum-world guardians are hired 
and more big-nuke prayerbooks and ransom policys are arsenaled 
bedside, 4X, ankle and thigh.

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