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Wed Aug 20 23:27:15 PDT 1997

At 07:26 PM 8/20/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Slippery slopes are something to worry about, for sure.  But
librarians are experts in this.  We put a lot of thought and care into
"borderline cases", we agonize over Madonna's Sex and American Psycho.
 That's why the early filters were unacceptable to us.  You may not
like filters, but you have to admit, they have improved a great deal,
offering much finer granularity and configurability than before, and
improving all the time.


>Most would-be censors I've met aren't evil people, they're intentions
are usually quite noble and sincere.

Except they want to censor everyone based on their views, which is
tyranny.  That isn't noble.

>True, many of them are wrong and misguided, but it accomplishes
nothing to demonize people you disagree with, except to promote fear
and misunderstanding.

I don't misunderstand censors.  They're Nazi bastards who enjoy making
the internet to fit their evil views and intentions, not caring what
the rest of free speechers on the net care.

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