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Wed Aug 20 15:10:58 PDT 1997

>Personally, when I email politicians and the like, I usually use
>anonymous remailers, including the Georgia Cracker, so that I don't
>have to worry about being discriminated against and/or investigated
>and/or imprisoned for being afflicted with a physical and mental
>condition which causes me great discomfort when I am forced to tell
>polite lies under the guise of free speech.

Remailers are here to help the weak against the powerful.

I use em 10 times a day.

>  In short, a ratfucker is a ratfucker is a ratfucker, and if anyone
>objects to being called one, then they should make an effort not to
>be one, rather than calling for my head on a platter because I call
>a spade a spade (or a "fucking shovel").

Damned right.

>  Two nights ago I began to teach my niece and her high-school girl
>friend how to use remailers for anonymity to communicate with others
>in a manner that will not leave them vulnerable to tracking/stalking
>by strangers.

Good Ideas...  How about publishing how to use remailers and post it to a
high school Bulletin Board?

>  If someone wants to spam me, or threaten me, or whatever, through
>the use of anonymous remailers, fine--I have a delete key and I have
>mail filters.

A many a Christian bunghole forgets that instead of forcing their god down
people's throats, (Tyranny of the MINORITY) they should make an effort to
realize there's such a thing as the real world, were god doesn't matter to
some people.

>  Every time some Nazi piece of shit announces his or her intention
>to "protect" somebody, my freedom, privacy and human rights seem to
>get thrown in the trash. 

Yeah, "We gotta protect the children from the pedophiles and cypherpunks!"
I've heard shit like that often from politicians.

>  I'm growing tired of those who want to lock all of the doors on
>the InterNet and control the keys so that the citizens will be
>imprisoned behind an ElectroMagnetic Curtain where they are only
>allowed to travel at the discretion of a higher authority.

Damn right again.

>  My advice to well-meaning fascist censors is to stay the fuck out
>of the InterNet regulation business, because there are too many 
>people on the InterNet who have experienced its freedom and who will
>no go easily into the dark night.

Damn right for the third time.

>  I was in Poland shortly after the fall of The Wall, and was talking
>to a lady who was describing how hard life had become in the resulting
>"chaos of the new." I asked her if she thought that the citizens would
>return to the former political system if conditions got bad enough.
>  She said, "Over my dead body."

Which describes my similar views of the growing socialism in America.

>  Someone wants to shut down your remailer? Fine. I'll start one up.
>They want to shut down my remailer? Fine, but what about the Eternity
>  Don't know about the Eternity Servers? They are waiting to route
>around the damage caused by shutting down remailers, and there is
>another technology waiting to replace the Eternity Servers if they
>get shut down.

If they knock em out, another one just takes over and fills in.  Kinda like
Dynamic Routing.

>  I, for one, am not going to stand by listlessly while fascists
>attempt to build an ElectroMagnetic Curtain around me.
>  I have a byte, and I'm not afraid to use it.

Heheh, "Take a byte out of Net.fascists"

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