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There no longer being a proposal for discussion to create scruz.moderated,
in the form described in Glen's article, I am resurrecting my old
proposal. This proposal should not be confused with the other
"scruz.moderated" proposal.

This message has been automatically posted to this newsgroup because
scruz.moderated is now actively being discussed

Charter: Scruz.moderated is for educated and englightened discussion of
the pressing issues of Santa Cruz. It is to be a zone in which thoughtful
persons may discuss important issues with other thoughtful persons. The
moderator, Tim May, has already received indications of support from
leading conservative voices in Santa Cruz, including Carolyn Busenhart,
Tony S. Riducci, and Lee Himmelfarb (of the White People's Party). It will
be moderated by Tim May. 

Appropriate topics for scruz.moderated include:

- what to do with the homeless problem (e.g., the Final Solution)

- conversion of Lighthouse Field to a nuclear-powered whale packing plant
(based on the ideas of N. Campbell)

- revoking the charter of UCSC for its creation of the "Kikes and Dykes
Summer Program"

- moving the voting age in Santa Cruz back up to 21 to lessen the bias
caused by UCSC

- how to develop the North Coast, and plans to expand Highway One north of
Santa Cruz to 6 lanes--each way.

- getting the so-called health food stores shut down for failure to
properly irradiate their food

- which minorities should be relocated to Manzanar and other camps

And so on. Other topics may also be appropriate...check with the
moderator, Tim May, first.

Discussions of deviancy will not be tolerated, nor will leftist rants by
Vegans, tree worshippers, tree huggers, persons of color, and
self-described "queers."

The moderator, Tim May, will establish a "whitelist" of those with
automatic permission to post. All others will have to submit their posts
to moderator at whitepower.org. Those whose posts are approved 5 times in a
row will automatically be moved to the whitelist. The moderator, Tim May,
may move anyone off the whitelist anytime he chooses, and for any reason.

Those whose posts are approved will receive e-mail confirmation, saying
"That's mighty white of you."

With the help of the Santa Cruz community, a friendly and open space for
whites--to be known as "whitespace"--can be created. By screening out
disruptive and ideological bankrupt posts, your moderator can ensure that
meaningful debate takes place.

You must be a Registered NAWP Voter to participate in the survey. To
register, please fill out the New Voter Registration form at

Fill out the fields below using the information supplied to NAWP. Your
score must be between 0.0 (low) and 10.0 (high).

To be accepted by the email daemon, replies MUST be addressed to
<nawp-cfv at www.whitepower.org> and have the word "CFV" in the SUBJECT line.

As an example, the BODY of your reply should look like this:


--- Please Delete Down to Here in Your Reply ---


Thank you.

--Tim May

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