Pedophile Chris Lewis deserves to die in a gas chamber

Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM dlv at
Wed Aug 20 08:51:44 PDT 1997

Paul Pomes <ppomes at> writes:

> >From: Brent Heustess <heustess at>
> >
> >   This is a really spooky web site <>.  You can
> >search 17 million Texas drivers by name, driver's license number or
> >license plate number.  When you find a person, you can then find everyone
> >at that address with a license.  You can even find everyone with the same
> >9-digit zip code.  The record does not have a GIF of the photo, but it
> >has everything else on the license.
> The URL has changed to <http://www.PublicData.Com/> and requires a valid
> TX DL that is verified against the database.  Anyone care to post a few
> for anonymous re-use?
> /pbp

The Net.Scum pages for Peter and Stephanie Dasilva included the TX DL #'s
for both of them.

Paul Pomes is the scumbag who harrasses remailer operators, their upstreams
and employers, in an effort to shut down the remailers.


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