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Wed Aug 20 05:52:02 PDT 1997

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: Hey HEY!  It's the man who nearly managed to single-handedly 
: derail the PGP legal export hack by playing the block rocking 
: beats (all vinyl) which inspired the vacationing hackers to 
: spill the drinks on the source books.

What's a sourcecode book without a few drinks spilled on it? :)

: Welcome to the list!

Thanks :)

: Zooko the Mysterieux

: P.S.  MP3 is coooool. needs to start selling MP3's 
: in return for digital cash small change!

It does :) Much better than lugging all these CDs around. Or vinyl for
that matter. We actually tried to get some mixing going with the BeOS
MP3 player (which has pitch control), but it needs some more work before
it's feasable :)



/// I dabble in techno-house and sometimes,
/// I do that badass hip-hop thang...
/// But the F U N K gets me every time!

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