bloodlust or game-theory?

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Wed Aug 20 00:46:47 PDT 1997

Kent Crispin finally came to his senses and described
government thusly:
> It's actually closer to a cult -- a small group with it's own shared
> reality -- a reality quite at variance with societal norms.  The cult
> has its own terminology, and an underlying dogma to which these code
> words refer.  The cult has "special knowledge" that has been revealed
> to them concerning massive changes that will happen to society --
> changes that will usher in a new world order.  These changes may
> involve the world going through a cleansing fire of war of war and
> destruction.

  D.C. and the Pentagon, right?

> Certain of the members sport a messiah or a martyr complex.  It is
> also quite common for cults to call for arming the brethren against
> the coming struggle

  Yes, like Park Rangers with Uzi's, and Postal Service swat teams.

> It's all so predictable.

  As Tim May constantly reminds us, in regard to the cypherpunk list

  Glad to see that you're coming around, Kent, and finally recognizing
the government for the insider cult it has become.


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