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Wed Aug 20 14:28:44 PDT 1997

$$$  24 Hour CASH grab is on !! ...   $$$

Want to fill your mailbox with CASH and orders right away ?

You can. Just take advantage of this once in a lifetime CASH grab by
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That's 1,000,000 !

Cash, money orders and checks could start filling your mailbox in a
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Bargain Cellar does it again ! 

Our techniques have been so successful that they are being
mimicked by others in their ad pitches. 

However, NO ONE has the targeted primary service lists that we do. 

If you're looking for a way to succeed NOW, the following chance of a
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You've seen what other services charge-  many charge 10 times this
amount and more. Retail email ads that make it tough for you to get a
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NOW...For the First time EVER ,, email ads to big lists are
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One advertiser reported regularly receiving an average 12 orders a day
during a run ! 

Just read what a few say about us..

" I have tried other bulk email services. Yours is the first that
really cared about my success...I am pulling responses like crazy! The
checks are coming in.. You have a customer for life !" C.H.

"Working with your business gave me hope that I could succeed....I was
about to give up...now I have more orders than I ever hoped
for....Your techniques and advice have made the difference..you mean
what you say" HR, Ca.  

SPECIAL Limited Offer..  24 HOURS ONLY !!

 Your ad sent to :

1million email addresses- $69.95 !

Now LOOK at this  !


All ads postmarked within 24 hours of reading this message will
reach 1 million email addresses in the order of receipt. Our lists are
all professionally filtered for maximum positive response. THIS IS A

Order Form.




Please Note: We will not add your email address to our list.

Ad copy ( Place your ad below)

Please run my ad (above) according to the terms checked below.

____I am postmarking my order within 24 hours 

Enclosed is my check or money order for $_____________

Please make all checks payable to :
Bargain Cellar
Internet Advertising Dept.
1125 Lindero Cyn Rd
Dept A8241
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Money Orders get immediate processing and ad runs ! Checks will
be processed for payment prior to any ad being sent.

We will not knowingly accept any ads which involve illegal or
pornographic material or reference.

Thank you and Welcome to Success !
Bargain Cellar
All Rights Reserved 1997

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