Unclear on Bell / Re: The Real Bell Issue / Re: Bell, etc

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Tue Aug 19 22:58:30 PDT 1997

Tim May wrote:
> One lesson, or reminder, I take from the Bell matter is this:
> Avoid doing stupid and petty things like using multiple Social Security
> numbers, evading taxes, and releasing stink bombs into government (or
> other) offices.
>  (These are things Bell has pled on, as I recall the transcripts, so
> there's little doubt about them. And had he pled not guilty and gone to
> trial, apparently the evidence would've convicted him on most of the
> charges. Perhaps this is why he pled.)

  I am unclear on something.
  Did the government imprison without bail a citizen who evaded taxes
and made a government office smell bad, or did the government allow
a terrorist who was actively plotting to overthrow the government
to plead guilty to inconsequential charges?

  If I get arrested for plotting to Nuke D.C., should I hire Bell's
lawyer and try to get it reduced to jaywalking? Or should I avoid
jaywalking to prevent getting arrested for plotting to Nuke D.C.?


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