David Downey asks to be shot

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Tue Aug 19 22:54:19 PDT 1997

Tim May wrote:
> At 6:23 AM -0700 8/19/97, David D.W.Downey wrote:
> >blackjack at hotmail.com wrote:
> >> Saw your post in the newsgroups.
> >> Check this out!
> >  Ya know, this shit really pisses me off. I understand that we have to
> >protect everyone's rights if we wish are own to be protected.
> > I understand that we have to protect the enemies'
> >rights too, but can't we just shoo a few of them first? Lowers the
> >numbers needing protection and might help us out in the end.

> I agree. We should shoot a few of the enemies first.
> I suggest you be shot.

  Better yet, let's shoot the people "needing protection."
  Once they're dead, there will be no need for all those laws
designed to protect them.

  What a brilliant idea! I'll probably get the Nobel Peace Prize
for this one!


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