Anonymous Remailers

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Tue Aug 19 21:43:29 PDT 1997

Robert A. Costner wrote:
> In Georgia, while we have won a temporary injunction and assume we will see the law 
fully struck down, EFGA is still involved in lawsuit against the state
over internet 
anonymity.  I actually don't contemplate another affidavit in this case,
but it may 
happen.  If I need to write another affidavit in support of the
remailer, I will only 
have about two weeks to get it done.

  Don't write an affidavit, write an indictment.
  Say, perhaps, an indictment of our founding fathers for their use of
as well as tacking a "use of crypto in commission of a crime" charge on
to the
  You can site Paul Revere's use of cryptography ("one if by land, two
if by
sea) to implicate the whole bunch in a drug dealing child pornography
Perhaps you might even want to trace the founding fathers' use of
and strong-lantern encryption to the moral corruption existing today.

"The founding father of drug dealing child pornography rings."

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