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Just got this on the Risks Forum
(usenet comp.risks; html:
I apologize if this has been posted here already and I missed it.

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Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 16:20:14 -0700
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Subject: SET risk

The Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) process is proposed by the
credit-card associations to secure credit-card usage on the Internet.  It
consists of a 28-step process using a standard digital certificate.  It
relies on vendor software to provide security.  These include an
electronic wallet program in the originator's PC, merchant review software
at the merchant's bank, card transaction processing software at the card
issuer bank and merchant software in the merchant's server.

The SET process claims to be better than using a credit card on the
Internet.  However, the SET process has three serious exposures - confirmed
with IBM and HP/Verifone. The process does NOT know who is presenting the
certificate.  The process does NOT know if merchant employees have
redirected the certificate through another merchant.  All of the critical
software is directly accessible by the card users, merchant employees and
bank employees.  Historically, these individuals have been the prime source
of fraud in credit card transaction systems.

There are more than 50 other card security products available for Internet
usage. They are generally simplier, faster, and avoid the SET exposures
identified above.  Internet transaction users might try the viable

jerome svigals, smartcard at

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