The first days of our last days

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>A theat to him perhaps.  What ever happened to self defense I wonder?     
The police are supposed to handle it, or something.  Call 911 here while a criminal shoots your kids, while the ass on the other end asks questions until they hear a shot go off, and silence creep in.

That's why people use firearms.

>Not unless he joins the book people in the woods. :)

I ask for the honor of memorizing 1984.

>A few years back when the anti-gun crap started in NYC, they had all sorts
>of save the kids propaganda stories and projects: such as trade your gun
>for a toy, and stories like 8 year old shot dead by drug deal for
>threatening to use water pistol.

Now they have new Communist/Socialist/Fascist propaganda and other programs around the U.S..  Ever hear of that shit with kids turning in toy rifles, weapons of destruction, for books?  I read books as a child, and still, i had toy rifles.

Of course the kids were spewing out the Usual UN Globalism, totalitarian, and disarmament shit.  "I think dat guns are bad, they kill people."  the question is: What people?  As far as I see it, fascists, and freedom-thefters.

>Jim Bell was arrested for thinking
>differently than is allowed.  No different than being declared insane and
>sent to the Gulag for "re-education" for disagreement with the party, the  
>glorious party.  Not having lived in communist or fascist countries, the
>sheeple are asleep.

Obvious from the cry of freedom from McVeigh, destroying the minions of the fascists, and of course only being shown as a child killing monster.

>My parents having left a socialist state (read fascist) for freedom, I
>find freedom fleeting.  The same scum that ran the communist block are
>here running our country.  Sure they were born here, but their spirit and 
>beliefs are the same as the scum that were in power in the old country.   

Knowing friends of relatives who lived in East germany, they have many stories to tell.

>How much money are we to bleed to them in taxes (read plural, as in
>income, realestate, hotel, parking, gas and electric, telephone, taxes on
>tax returns, etc.)?  How soon before breathing taxes? Fucking Taxes?

I believe one of americas founders (a faggot, by word of Patrick Oonk, a Nazi) once asked this about britain putting taxes on breathing.  Soon after, we fought back and eventually sent those murdering sons of bitches running.

That day will live in my mind as being the day we all said ENOUGH!!!!

>Living Taxes?  Speaking Taxes?  Let's not pretend.  We work for them.
>It's mandatory work.  Our work pays their goals.  Doesn't matter if you
>work for Mickey D's or Mickey Soft.  You pay Big Uncle.  You work for Big
>Uncle's benefit.  It's not enough to fear Big Uncle.  You must love big   
>uncle.  One may not even hold anti-government views for fear of being in
>contempt of court and be judged against.

No wonder the suicide rate is up.

>How soon before they stop teaching highschool kids about the revolution
>for fear it will happen again?  How soon before they edit the constitution
>and pretend it was always that way?  How soon before we'll need passports
>to travel between one part of the country and another?  Between one 'burb
>to another?

Well, we alread have shit like this.

>How soon before we have to register every computer out there?  How soon
>before we have to register every phone and phone card?  Every pencil and   
>knife and fork and other sharp objects? How soon before night curfews?
>How soon before Victory Coffee and Gin?  How soon to food rations?  How
>soon to electricity rations and water rations and net access rations? How
>soon before ex-communist Russia has more freedom than we?


>They've already silenced us, they've already taken our guns, they've
>already thrown us in jail for feeding others, for speaking, thinking and  
>protesting, and demanding privacy, they've already stripped our privacy,   
>they've already murdered us, they've already licensed everything we can do 
>and can't, they've already filled the streets with jackbooted gun and
>nightstick toting thugs who wear blue and use bathroom plungers as means
>of interrogation.

May those cops burn in the pits of hell.

>What next?  And how soon?

Telescreens?  Thought Police?  Junior Scouts?  Eastasia and Eurasia?  INGSOC, Death-Worship, and Neo-Bolshevism?  How long before we get helicopters looking in windows?  How long before Two-Minutes hate?  How long before we have the Party?  how long before we have the Sex restrictions?  How long before our children become blind followers?  After all, communism's laws are 1. infiltrate the school system 2. sit back and watch. How long before we all become enslaved, without knowing?

Soon.  very Soon.

LOCK AND LOAD.  Shoot to kill.

Sometimes, we fight back, even if there is no hope.  Why?  Because it is better to die on our feet than to live on our knees.

The first days of the last days of freedom are now.

Will we win?  I say yes. Fascists say no.

The war is underway.

"It is better to die on our feet than to live on our knees."

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