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At 09:30 AM 8/19/97 +0200, you wrote:
>The following, from the Columbian, lies at the heart of the
>  Every year, just before Income Taxes are due, the IRS picks out
>a few people to unjustly persecute in order to strike fear into
>the heart of the taxpaying sheeple.

Sounds plausible enough.

>  Apply for a tax refund and have every real or imagined sin you
>have ever commited used against you.
>  "A person who asked the IRS for a tax refund, had his home raided
>today by 20 armed government terrorists from a wide variety of
>government agencies.
>  "This person who asked for a TAX REFUND has never been proven to
>have anything to do with DRUGS such as METHAMPHETAMINE, and is not
>known to be a SPEED FREAK or a DRUG DEALER. As well, government
>agents investigating the person asking for the TAX REFUND have
>never found any ILLEGAL DRUGS on his person or property, but the
>person who asked for the TAX REFUND will be mentioned in connection
>with DRUGS and METHAMPETAMINE, or SPEED, CRANK, etc., for the rest
>of his life, every time he "comes to our attention" as a result
>of asking for a TAX REFUND."

The IRS (Internal Revenue Stealers) enjoys making examples of people who
dare to defy the income theft.

>  The IRS spends the whole year going after people who they deem
>to be guilty of tax evasion, and it is usually a fairly boring
>affair involving accountants and lawyers.

The blood-sucking variety.
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