Status of Cypherpunks list sites?

John Young jya at
Tue Aug 19 16:43:42 PDT 1997

Okay, mace me, I'm still posting to toad, and receiving from it, 
along with dupes from cyberpass, and TAing the latency. Toad's 
stuff comes right through, fast, while it's +/- all over the chart from 
cyberpass -- up to eight hours delay at times, even a day later,
with answers to vital controversies coming before the issue is 
shown to be misunderstood squat.

Excuse cyberpass dis for disarray, but toad's speed is handy when 
you've nothing to say and want to instantly scream it very clearly to 
yourself and the empty void rather than face the horror of fixing insyntax.

And, praise elvis, not all vaporings that come from toad makes 
it past molassel cyberpass, although most eventually oozes in. 
Null stench especially pops up from world-sucking toad, the kind 
that makes one's own East Coast voidance smell not so bad. Until
the West Coast wakes up and sez jesus cork that, we're fetal lunged 

Still, if Tim's right to call for toad discon, its reliable speedy 
drip drip drip of 24-hour addictive invective will be sorely missed 
when it presents a last time middle web and hops off into the swamp
leaving only one's own dig-itch digit to sniff and howl how awful.

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